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A stump is the bottom part of a tree left projecting from the ground after most of the trunk has fallen or been cut down. These can become very sore to the eye after a few months, or years. They aren’t known to be much of a fashion statement on properties as they can be in the category of, ugly, in the way, useless.

So, whatever the reasons are for you wanting to remove a stump from your landscape, we are prepared as a company, to fulfill your orders.

Stump Machinery

The machinery used to accomplish the task of grinding down a stump is a high-performance grinder designed to take on toughness of wood and to take on very strong, deep roots that appear both above and below the stump. There are many different brands and styles of this particular machinery that all serve the same person

Eliminating the roots deep in the ground is necessary to prevent further annoying arms of wood to grow into your landscape: creating lumps and tripping hazards, driveway interference and many other things. The size of the stump doesn’t matter to us at all we have taken on all shapes and sizes.

Eliminate disease infested stumps. Understanding how disease can spread and the damage that they can have on surrounding plant life will keep you in sharp regards to know everything you can dealing with plants on your property or near. Disease can spread from root to other roots nearby. Therefore, it is important for us to prevent such things from happening.

Eliminates Potential Bugs and Insects

Ants, roaches, bees, and many other small creatures love the interior of wood. It provides them with food, shelter, and is like a defensive wall to their homes and nests. This can become a problem for customers especially when the stump is located in an area frequented by people. We love animals and all bugs and insects; just not too close to us and our homes.

Grinding for Space

We completely removed the stump from the top down to the bottom, deep into the roots as well. The dust from the pre-existing stump can be used as mulch for a garden use. The left-over hairs can also be requested to be put back on top of the new existing hole, which I what a lot of our customers choose to do. After leveling the dirt and removing any excess, sod can ne installed in the patch if wanted. More space will be made. Out of place stump removed and gone as if it were never there. Our finishing products are posted up on the website sub links for you to explore and to get actual images of similar work that you will trust us to complete for you as your trusted and loyal Tree Service. We aren’t the cheapest and not the most expensive. We take care of all customer requests with a passion and diligence. We focus on creating the perfect job. When you tell us that you’re absolutely satisfied and happy to have us, and that you’ll call again, it makes us feel blessed and truly happy to know you can trust Alan’s tree Services to call on.

Project Photos

Tree & Stump Grinding & Removal

Tree to be removed
Tree to be removed
Remaining stump to be removed
Stump to be removed
Stump removal after
After Grinding

Tree & Stump Grinding & Removal

Trees and stumps to be removed
After stumps removed

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